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A cold shower can solve most things

I started having cold showers by accident (and it was way before Wim Hoff became so popular!!).

In our old house, when anyone flushed a toilet while another one of us was in the shower, the water would instantly go freezing for about 90 seconds.

So, that happened, and after a while, I started to like it!

Cold showers are now my go-to thing. If I'm feeling stressed, anxious, under the weather or tired. I hop in. Turn the tap 45 degrees to the left and let the icy drips splash over my body. A couple of minutes is usually all it takes, but sometimes, when I need it, I stay for longer.

There's that initial shock as the cold hits you, But, that's actually one of the best bits. The shock increases my alertness, takes my mind off other things, and makes me feel more alive!

Here are the best cold shower varieties that I can personally endorse...

The wake-me-up cold shower

Essential after both a good night's sleep and a bad night's sleep. Whether you wake up hungover or fresh as a daisy, things are only going to get better after a morning cold shower. For me, it beats caffeine hands down. Choose a citrus-scented shower oil or cream for maximum morning impact.

The post-work-out cold shower

Hot baths are really beneficial for muscle and tissue recovery following exercise, stretching, or if you are suffering from bodily pain. Equally, however, cold showers can also help reduce muscle soreness after intense workouts. Cold water has regenerative properties, so your muscles will relax and repair after a workout. Hot/sweaty and in a rush to get to work/dinner? A cold shower for 2 minutes has the same impact after a workout as a warm shower for 6 or 7 minutes in my book.

The anxiety cold shower

I have a go-to list of tools for when I'm feeling my anxiety levels rising. And, one of my most powerful is a cold shower. Focus on your breathing - long deep inhales and long deep inhales - as you feel the cool water against your skin. I find that my mind clears so much quicker as I'm so busy thinking about how cold I am!

The itchy cold shower

I have an eczema/hayfever combo that flares up around this time of year when the tree pollen is out. After a day outside sniffling and itching I crave a cold shower to feel that sense of cleanness on my skin and wash off the allergens collected during the day. I instantly feel refreshed and cleansed when I get out.

The pre-bed cold shower

Sometimes a hot soak in the bath before bed can be very grounding after a busy day.

But, sometimes a cold shower can be just as nurturing and actually I've really noted that my sleep is a lot better and calmer if I have one around bedtime. When you sleep, your body temperature lowers naturally, so actually taking a cool shower before bed lets your body know that bedtime is near. The cool water helps trick your whole system into sleep mode.

Are you a fan of a cold shower too? If you have a favourite type of cold shower experience, then let us know all the ways a cool rinse helps you.


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