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Caroline Leek Yoga Maison


I've wanted to create this platform for quite some time. It has certainly been a long time coming.


There have been many points in my life when I've just wanted someone to grab me and say "Hey, we got you. Everything is going to be just fine." Times when I've felt lost, hurt, scared, out of control, overwhelmed, angry and even like I'm going crazy.

Sometime when you're feeling like that, you don't always want to bother your friends, parents or partner. You just want to hear from someone who has been feeling the same as you do. Someone who can maybe give a bit of personal advice or a few tips on how they managed to make themselves feel better in the same situation. 

Therefore, I wanted to create WGYG as a positive platform with lots of real-life articles, stories, videos and help. I wanted it to be especially for girls, as, well I am one, and feel I have 40 years worth of girl experience that I would like to share with other girls. I believe that if your personal experience can help at least one other person in the future, then it's worth sharing.

Easy recipes, de-stress methods, period pain relief advice, good meditation will find it all here published daily. 


Wherever you are in life...I want to say 'we got you'. 

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