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A good old sigh can do us all some good

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Every time I let out a long sigh (which is pretty frequent, to be honest) my husband looks at me and gives me that look as if to say "what the hell is the matter with you now?"

You see, many people associate sighing with feelings of weariness, sadness, or being fed up. But not me. I sigh because I find it incredibly soothing and relaxing. I do it when I'm happy just as much as when I'm unhappy.

Sighing it out helps me to focus and clear my mind. It also helps me to release feelings that I no longer need inside of me. It's a morning ritual and a bedtime ritual that I follow without fail. I also use the sighing breath technique during every single one of my yoga lessons to encourage my students to do the same.

I sigh because I find it incredibly soothing and relaxing

So let's just practice one together now.

Just stop everything you are doing and try this out with me...

Close your eyes. Take a long inhale through your nose, and then sigh it out through an open mouth.

Try again. Exactly the same but make the sigh longer and slower.

Final try, and this time physically feel your shoulders melting away from your ears as you let it out.

How amazing does that feel? I told you so! It's almost like the weight of the world has been lifted from your aching shoulders isn't it.

When your sigh flows freely, it can help to carry away stale thoughts, emotions, and habits, leaving you feeling refreshed and open to new experiences. It can also break down physical and mental blockages, so you instantly feel calmer and more grounded.

So let's all sigh it out together ladies

Give yourself permission to really exaggerate the exhalations – focus on completely emptying your belly, chest, and throat to push that stale energy out! You might just experience an immediate sense of lightness and relief that you didn't even know you needed.

And if anyone asks you what's wrong next time you let out a you can set them straight!


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