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Belinda Parkinson

I am 37 years old

I am currently at a crossroads in my life

I am happiest when I’m with my boys or riding my bike with friends

I am most relaxed when I’m drinking bubbles with the girls

I am most anxious when I’m not in control

If I could change one thing in the world it would be Everyone to have enough food. I’m all about food!

Clowns really freaks me out

Shit jokes really makes me laugh

When I feel stressed, I swim, bike or run

When I feel sad, I swim, bike or run

My go-to dinner party recipe is always home-made meatballs with feta and basmati rice

The three people I couldn’t live without are Seb, Oscar, my daddy

The person I most admire is my dad…because he’s my absolute hero and I look up to him in every single way. He’s also

competing in his 16th and 17th Ironman this year and will probably win his age group at both

The one piece of life advice I would like to share is do what makes you happy. Always.


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