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Beth Carrelli

Updated: May 27, 2020

I am 37 years old

I am currently working part time as a school receptionist and full-time mum

I am happiest when it’s sunny, I’m by the sea and I have eaten healthily

I am most relaxed when the children are in bed, I’ve done yoga and am relaxing in my bedroom.

I am most anxious when I can’t control a situation i.e. when my kids are ill or I get night fear

If I could change anything it would be social media

Busy cities really freak me out

My BFFs really make me laugh

When I feel stressed out, I pick my skin

When I feel sad I eat unhealthily and find a spot to pick!

My go-to dinner party recipe is a roast

The people I couldn’t live without are Leo, Sofia, Marco, Mum, Dad, Anna

The person I most admire is my dad…because he is truly clever

The one piece of life advice I can give is don’t worry about what others think of you


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