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Don't lose your integrity for the sake of an email

We've all had one (or many) of those emails. They usually come in either on a Friday late afternoon, while you are on holiday, or on a day when you are hungover and feeling anxious and trippy already. Yes, they're the ones from those email-warrior client contacts; demanding a report of improved results immediately, letting you know that your recent work is sub-satisfactory, or sternly inviting you to a review meeting next week where they want you to present blah blah blah to blah blah blah.

Having worked for various companies, agencies, not-for-profit organisations, and now for myself, believe me, I've encountered a number of these email-warriors in all their diabolical glory. You know the type. The ones that are failing in all other areas of their life, so they need to use their job title to feel like they're useful for at least one reason. Harsh? Yes. True? Yes. They love all that job jargon shit, the acronyms, the abbreviations, and what's worse they don't even put a kiss at the end of their emails! They live and breathe for their job and are prepared to mow down anyone who stands in their cyberspace way. Nurturing relationships, forming partnerships, WTF, they've never even heard of these types of ships.

Maybe this is someone you know? Or maybe this is you?? Maybe you've written a shitty email to someone recently? Blaming them for poor results, complaining that they haven't been paying your business enough attention, or demanding something from them with a threatening tone or ultimatum? Well if so, shame on you!

Just think about the ripple effects you will have caused on that someone's day. On their emotions. On their mental health. Maybe they are struggling already. Maybe your email just tipped them over the edge into a serious panic attack. It's happened to me, so I'm 100% it's happened to others too.

Is the company you are working for, or the job you are doing, so absolutely crucial to the world spinning around that you have been granted special permission to command orders or criticise others to the point where they feel frightened, nervous, anxious, or even physically ill?

Quite frankly, I view it as pretty spineless behaviour. Hiding behind a company email address to vomit out a load of authority that you have no right to use. Everyone has the opportunity to be civil. To be fair. To show their integrity to the human race. Would you say the same things you are writing in an email/message to someone directly to their face? If not, then it's time to question your own integrity.

You know who you are.

So, next time you go off on one, ranting in your usual jobs-worth manner, take a pause. Save a draft. Read your email back. Realise what a loser you are being. Delete the email. And start to re-write the email again it in a decent, HUMAN, way. No jargon allowed. I guarantee the feelings you will get from doing things this way will be much more fulfilling to your life.

Please feel free to forward this article link to someone who you feel needs a few lessons in email integrity!


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