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My Covid press conference speech

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

If I was BJ, then this would be my speech in tonight’s Covid-19 press conference...

See your friends and family - enjoy their company, cheer each other up, have a laugh, exercise together, go for coffee (Not Starbucks or Costa) but keep a bit of distance between you to stop the spread of germs.

Be a respectful human - if you feel unwell stay home until you feel fully better. This goes for sickness, diarrhoea, sneezing, coughs or sore throats alike. Respect people’s personal space - keep your distance from those you don’t know in shops, on the bus and on the street. If you are about to cough or sneeze cover it with a tissue then wash hands - just as we always should’ve done before. It’s disgusting not to.

Keep well - look after your health, take vitamins, eat home-cooked food, exercise each day, stop smoking, stop eating fatty foods, meditate daily, evaluate why you are drinking so much alcohol, switch off your phone and delete all of your shitty news apps.

Shop small and local - champion local independents in your area. Buy little and often as you need things - there’s no need to start stockpiling again for winter - that’s craziness. Don’t waste your money and don’t waste food.

Be kind - support friends and neighbours - don’t grass on them and spy on their life choices. Look out for each other. If you have elderly or vulnerable friends and family then support them and keep their spirits lifted and contact them every day if they have DECIDED to isolate themselves.

We are humans. We were born to be free and independent. We have human rights. We have human immune systems. We are intelligent. We got this!

It’s NOT going to be a tough winter. It’s going to be a cosy and life changing winter of change, love, connection, sharing and caring.


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