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Jennie Becker

I am 33 years old

I am currently single

I am happiest when I am around people who get me, make me laugh and bring out the best in me. Also when I am lying in the sun, listening to the sea and around nature.

I am most relaxed when I have had a bath with lavender bath salts and candles

I am most anxious when I think about not ever finding someone to share my life with and have my own family…and thinking about the day that my parents won’t be around

If I could change one thing in the world it would be that there was no terrorism and people discussed their differences and opinions and didn’t act in violence

Thinking about how big the universe is really freaks me out

Miranda really makes me laugh

When I feel stressed, I take a step back and write everything down, and most of the time I realise, I’m not saving lives, so there is no need to stress!

When I feel sad, I cry and order a pizza!

My go-to dinner party recipe is always lamb pizzas

The three people I couldn’t live without are My sister, My friend Hannah S and My friend Sophie

The person I most admire is my sister Carly

…because she is a doctor, and spends her time and life. (especially at the moment) saving people’s lives

The one piece of life advice I would like to share is spend your time with like-minded people and people who bring out the best in you. Don’t spend your precious time in life with people who don’t make you feel happy.


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