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Let go with some cleansing breaths

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

There are times when we feel a lot of emotion building up inside of us. We can physically feel it rising up - ready to explode out!

A comment someone has made, an action that has been taken which impacts us, or a decision that was made behind our back - these can all lead to stress and anger, and with good reason.

So, what to do now? Maybe cry, scream, kick a wall? Or......take some big deep cleansing breaths to free yourself of everything stored up inside. Sounds like a better option right?

So here's how to do them...

Big breath in through your nose

Hold that breath for 3,2,1

Sigh it out through your mouth with a big deep sigh

Keep going for five more of these

Feeling any better? Let me know.


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