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The cutest ways to store your makeup

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Recently I re-discovered my love of makeup. We kind of fell out during the first lockdown, but now we’ve made up in a BIG way. A large part of our making-up process was down to my new Birchbox subscription. I signed up with a friend three months ago when we decided we needed regular treats to reward ourselves for becoming emergency home-school tutors. I just love the fact that each month you get a surprise package filled with things that are actually lovely and useful.

So, needless to say, my makeup collection has since expanded from just my usual working-from-home bronzer, mascara and nude lip gloss. I have re-introduced products like an eyebrow kit, a contour palette and setting spray. And, it’s genuinely given me the confidence boost that I needed.

But where and how to store my new stash? This was my new dilemma. I tried my existing makeup bags (of which I have accumulated quite a few over the years) but they just weren’t cutting it. I didn’t like the way I couldn’t really see what was inside and also how everything was mixed up together. Therefore, I decided that I needed to get creative. I researched new ways to store my make up so that everything was well organised but also looked cool too.

So, if like me, you want your make up collection to be both accessible and Instagramable at the same time, then here are some ideas for you that I myself have adopted…

It’s all about the see-through

Have you discovered Stasher pouches yet? If not, then now is the time my friend. Originally used by many for their office sandwiches and kids’ pack ups, these neat, squishy, non-toxic, reusable pouches are just perfect for all your beauty essentials.

They are transparent, so you can see find exactly what you need (even when you are half asleep!) And, they come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours to match your taste. As a bonus they are completely dishwasher safe too - perfect for when your blusher decides to smash on its way out of your weekend bag. You can use the Stand Up to house your storage beauty stash and the Go Bag for your lippy and mascara when you are out and about.

Classy copper pots

When it comes to cute storage, a copper pot is both timeless and multi-functional. For example, it can house eye pencils, cotton-buds, nail files and make-up brushes. Copper works well with a minimalist interior scheme as well as a glam one, and instantly creates an air of luxe.

I store all my make-up brushes facing upwards in my tall copper pot. This way I have easy access to them, but also they look rather lush standing on top of my dressing table. Win win.

Time to lock things up

If you prefer your beauty kit locked up and out of sight, then this idea is for you. This Shorty Locker doubles up as a cute bedside table, while simultaneously sparking up huge nostalgia of high school locker days (not sure if this entirely a good thing or not?!!) It even comes with a sweet little key.

It’s very bijoux and discreet (just 72cm tall and 35cm wide) and inside you will find two adjustable shelves, one handy hook and a cable hole. It’s just perfect for all your beauty and make up essentials to be housed together safe and sound.

Pop your perfume on a cake stand

Sounds weird I know, but this actually really works! Many of you know that I'm a rather lousy baker, so this is a much better use for my cake stand. It’s a great surface to stand perfume bottles, but also bottles of foundation, primer and cheek tint, if you prefer.

A tiered cake stand would also look great – you could stand your taller bottles on the top layer and then flatter ones on the bottom layer. You will get all the smells, without the cupcake bloating!


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