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The year that took away our mumdependence

Each year for the past five or six, my lovely husband has taken two annual 'lads' trips abroad. The first, usually at the end of January, is a week-long ski trip with his brother. The second, about 6 weeks later, is a golfing holiday to Portugal with a group of about 20 other guys. These two trips are front-loaded into the first part of each year. Which means that, yes, the jammy bugger managed to scrape in two fully-adult, fully-enjoyable holidays in 2020 before the fun police cancelled the rest of the year for all of us!

Usually we are pretty even when it comes to keeping our own independence. We love holidays together as a family with the boys. But, equally, we enjoy mini-breaks alone together as well as holidays with friends separately. We know that we both need time out sometimes, away from the kids (as awesome as they might be). I'm not sure about you, but adult-only time gives me a new lease of energy, life and perspective on how much I love and miss my kids when I'm not with them.

This year, I do have to admit that one thing that I have missed the most is that time out. The time out from all the daily chores that come with being a mum. That beautiful ray of mumdependence where you don't have to make the beds, make breakfast, make packed lunch and re-iron yesterday's school uniform - all before 8am. And, yes, this year I have felt somewhat suffocated at times. Especially during the peak of the early summer months while school was shut. It was overwhelming, as Im sure all mum's all over the world found too.

I have really enjoyed spending extra chilled time with the boys and not having to be at so many appointments, play dates, birthday parties and weekend classes. But, I've missed those sleepovers at country retreats with the girls, birthday city breaks with Chris and heavenly spa days with my sister in law, too. This time has definitely given me a perspective over what I value spending my time and disposable income on the most. It's definitely travel over clothing, bags and shoes for me.

So, this winter I will be researching new destinations, checking out the travel blogs and making mood boards for my future travels.

And, at least I know that when life and travel does resume again, I have two girl's trips in my reserve bank, that I can cash in before the hubby gets another one in!


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