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Why I'm no longer diary planning around my PMT

I guess one good thing about the lockdown for me personally is that it means I'm no longer planning my diary around my monthly cycle so much. Well, I mean, I don't really have to plan my diary at all because there's nothing we're allowed to do!

Pre-lockdown, I would keenly black out key dates into my online calendar when I would avoid making social arrangements with friends and family members. Or even avoid planning in work calls and deadlines. All too aware that these dates were usually filled with headaches, anxiety, irritability, lethargy, nausea and brain fog. These dates were usually the 5 or 6 days before my predicted period start date. The dreaded PMT.

But, the last few months (well few months is an actual understatement really isn't it) I've not been noting such dates in my diary. This has in fact been quite refreshing. The only people I've had to subtly warn are my husband and sons who are now quite familiar with the character of monster mum each month. Even if I fail to warn them, they usually cotton on quite quickly and know to avoid me at every opportunity.

But, was my planning actually exaggerating my PMT all along?

Another weird thing has also happened to me during lockdown. My PMT symptoms seem to have calmed somewhat. I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm still a monster in those few run-up days with little patience, brain fog and a huge appetite for pizza. However, something has definitely softened and eased. My headaches are not quite so intense. My tiredness is not quite so prevalent before 7pm. And, I actually feel guilt immediately after having rage over someone asking for another slice of toast for breakfast.

So, this made me wonder whether there was in fact a correlation then between my lack of planning for the PMT, and me actually getting it so bad? Was I previously planning my own PMT? Preparing myself and my body for the worst and in fact bringing it on myself somewhat?

Well, yes, it seems quite possibly.

Don't get me wrong, I literally cannot wait until the days when I can plan dates, dinners and travels in my diary again. But, will I black out time again for the days when I predict I won't be feeling so sharp?? Do you know what? No, I really don't think I will. Because, now, more than ever, I truly believe that you can't really honestly plan for anything. Good, or not so good.

A much better idea would be to stop the predictions, the worries and the 'just in cases', and instead just jump right in to whatever life offers! PMT and all if necessary!


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